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Our Ingredients

Our founder Dev, teamed up with his Gastroenterologist father, Dr. Milan, and together identified super food ingredients that have scientifically shown to boost microbiome health and promote mental & digestive wellbeing.

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Also known as Indian Ginseng. This mind calming root is a powerful adaptogen and does wonders to reduce the daily effects of stress. This root is found in CHILL.

Chicory Root Fiber

Chicory Root is one of the best sources of Inulin. Dr. Milan believes Inulin is one of the best prebiotic fibers we can consume to boost optimal gut and digestive health. Chicory root fibers pass through small intestine undigested and then ferment in the large intestine. This helps our colon make more beneficial bacteria to produce healthy metabolites that allow us to achieve an optimal gut health environment with better positive digestion.

Amalaki (Amla Berry)

This super berry grows natively in India and contains one of the most concentration of Vitamin C found in nature. Commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine to boost the immune system and fight of sickness. This berry is found in IMMUNITY.

Black Pepper

This pepper is amazing for taste but also helps the absorption of turmeric curcumin by 1000x! Found in all Super Sodas.

Turmeric Root

This amazing root is a sister to ginger. Curcumin, its active ingredient, is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Dr. Milan recommends Turmeric on the daily to reduce colon inflammation and maintain optimal gut health. Found in all Super Sodas.


This delicous spice is known to detoxify the blood and help regulate blood sugars. Found in all Super Sodas.

Ginger Root

This amazing root is known for its delicous pungent taste but also nourishes the microbiome by soothing the gut and aiding indigestion. Found in all Super Sodas.

Our super food ingredients work synergistically to promote optimal microbiome health and boost positive digestion by feeding the healthy bacteria that live within us. A powerful combination of plant prebiotic fiber and super herbs create a delicious craft soda taste that we take pride in saying "Big Flavor, Big Benefits!"

Other soda:

  • No Juice
  • High Sugar
    (>30g Sugars)
  • 0g
  • >150
  • *Based off the nutritional panels of traditional carbonated soft drinks


  • Contains 10%
  • Very low sugar
    (Only 5g)
  • 5g Fiber
    (20% Of Your Daily Fiber)
  • Only 40 Calories
    Super Herbs & Spices
  • + all the benefits of a wellness shot