Bacteria are the key to a
healthier & happier life


Ask The Doc

Doctor Milan says the key to a healthier and happier life all resides in the bacteria that live within our digestive system. We all have unique microbiomes that are made up of billions of bacteria that play essential roles in our digestion, mental health, energy production, and immune response. Its up to us to feed this good army of bacteria so we can live our best lives! We made this tasty for you

What Are Prebiotics?

This is the yin to probiotic’s yang. Together they create the optimal gut health environment which allow your probiotic good bacteria to thrive and replicate itself. Essentially, the probiotics eat the prebiotic fiber to reproduce itself. Consider Turveda Super Soda as fuel for probiotic bacteria.

Who ordered the prebiotics?

The probiotics did. Hundreds of strains of probiotics (a.k.a. goodbacteria) naturally exist within our digestive tracts, and they’re hungry just like us. So instead of popping more hungry bacteria in there, consider getting those guys something to eat... or in this case drink.

Practical Evidence

The past decade has shine tremendous light on the dynamics of the gut brain axis and connection. Dr. Milan has seen huge positive results mentally and physically in the digestive health of his patients that have changed from a high sugar filled diet to a diet filled with spices, fruits, vegetables, and fiber.

But make it 21st Century

The truth is, the average person doesn't have the time to wander through the woods picking berries and digging for roots. That’s why we went wandering and digging, like urban hunters and gatherers, trying to solve this puzzle for all of us. And that’s exactly how we wound up making OLIPOP. A delicious drink designed to bring you all the ingredients and benefits of an age old diet, and the ability to hold it all in the palm of your hand.