TURVEDA is a hybrid of things (think of us is if a wellness shot + soda + fruit juice had a baby!). All jokes aside, we are a better for you superfood soda that is combining the functionality of wellness shots with the refreshment you find in traditional soda leaving out all the jimk. We are soda with soul and nothing but positive for the gut & tastebuds! Three delicious flavors and three different functions. All provide nearly 20% of your daily fiber plus all the benefits/functionality you find in wellness shots and only 5g of sugar sweetened from monk fruit and lemon juice. Also, only 40 calories!
TURVEDA is a perfect beverage for those looking for a traditional soda replacement but with the added bonus of big gut health benefits. These gut doctor developed sodas are designed to boost digestive health and immune health. Self care from the inside out, but loving every sip in the process. Our sodas are non gmo, vegan, paleo, gluten free, citric acid free, natural flavor free, contain zero preservatives and contain super foods/herbs that have scientifically shown to boost digestive immunity & stress health. Truly, a soda with soul!
TURVEDA can be consumed pretty much at any time of the day. We recommend CHILL in the evening as wind down beverage perfect with dinner or anytime you are feeling a little bit anxious. We recommend IMMUNITY anytime you are feeling like a vitamin c boost and need a big boost to the immune system. We recommend WELLNESS anytime you are looking for a delicious turmeric inspired refreshment that will support you conquest against daily general inflammation and boost your digestive health & immune health. All of these are amazing especially after a hot yoga class!
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We’d love to join the fam! Reach out to us at info@turveda.com
Don’t worry WE GUT YOUR BACK! Make sure you drink Super Soda cold and chilled from the fridge. This makes the flavors really pop! If you for some reason don’t like TURVEDA, please contact us at info@turveda.com within 30 days of your online purchase and we will gladly refund you. We will refund first time orders and first time new flavor orders only.
Our sodas are sweetened with a unique blend of monk fruit, fruit juice, and apple nectar. This delicious blend clocks in at only 5g of total sugars & 0 added sugars per can.
Nope, our sodas are caffeine free.
Yes, all of our ingredients are NON GMO certified and vegan. We take pride in using only the best plant based ingredients in our gut healthy sodas.
TURVEDA is nut free and is manufactured in a facility that is also nut free.
Yes, children love our sodas as they are zesty and have a nice spice kick to it. Tasty and healthy, sounds like a win-win!