TURVEDA is a new craft soda that combines
delicious flavors with real function. It is Gut Doctor
(MD) formulated and designed to boost gut
microbiome & immune health by delivering nearly
20% of your daily fiber + super plants/herbs in a can!

3 delicious flavors, 3 different functions.


WELLNESS has nearly 20% of
your daily fiber, 0 added sugars,
no stevia, no citric acid, and
contains 10% juice. Wellness shot +
Prebiotic soda + Fruit juice = Super Soda!


CHILL packs in 300mg of Adaptogens
from Ashwagandha designed to make
you feel less anxious. This Super Soda
has a delicious lavender vanilla flavor
that will make your taste buds say wow!!


IMMUNITY packs in 200% of your
daily dose of Vitamin C from Amla Berry.
This Super Soda delivers a delicious bold
Blood Orange Passion Fruit flavor that
is bound to make your mouth water.

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