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Top 5 spices in Ayurveda

Top 5 spices in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Herbs are comprehensive medicines. They positively affect all the parts of the body.And that's the reason why they do not cause any reaction or allergies. Let's look at the top 5 Ayurvedic herbs that can completely turn your health around.

Turmeric - Turmeric is a revered herb according to Hindu mythology. And its incredible medicinal properties justify this status. Turmeric is an excellent anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, cardio - protective, neuroprotective, blood purifier, and so on. It helps to detoxify the liver, accelerates wound healing, protects skin from microbes, boosts immunity, and delays aging. It is a master herb extensively used in Indian cooking, religious ceremony, and traditional medicine for its natural flavor, aroma, color, its excellent disinfectant, and medicinal properties.

Ashwagandha - This herb derives its name from "Ashwa" or the horse. Ashwagandha has immense health benefits like general detoxification, better immunity, strength, and stamina. It is a natural neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial herb. It is an adaptogen that boosts favorable metabolism in each and every cell of the body. Besides, the best effect of Ashwagandha is on the male hormonal and reproductory system, as it helps to normalize the hormonal balance. Ashwagandha is extensively used for improved potency and sexual performance. It can genuinely increase your horse-power!

Shatavari - Shatavari is the female counterpart of Ashwagandha. The word "Shatavari" signifies the one with a 100 off springs! Shatavari is an adaptogen that normalizes entire body metabolism and is an excellent health supplement for all. But its best effect can be seen on the female reproductive system. It is the mother of all herbs for all kinds of female health problems. As it normalizes the hormonal balance, it also prevents all sorts of menstrual problems (irregular/painful periods, excessive bleeding, and anaemia). It helps to stabilize the pregnancy and promotes milk production. Shatavari offers regular immunity-boosting benefits to all. But if you are a woman, you must have Shatavari!!!

Tulsi - Tulsi or holy basil is a goddess in Hindu mythology. And its medicinal properties are nothing short of divine! Tulsi is one of the best herbs for prevention and treatment of fever, common cold, cough, and almost all kinds of infectious diseases. It has a tremendous anti pathogenic effect that works on severe stages of tuberculosis, malaria, dengue fever, etc. Tulsi is also an excellent digestive. It normalizes the entire digestive system. Tulsi stimulates liver function, helps in intestinal detox, and prevents stomachache and intestinal spasms. It is also a fantastic blood purifier, expectorant, and decongestant.

You will find a tulsi plant in every Hindu household without exception. Tulsi is the mother goddess that delivers us from severe diseases. Thus the reverence is not unfounded!

Harad - According to classical Ayurvedic text, a mother can harm a child, but Haritaki never damages the stomach. Digestion or Agni is the base for our existence. The alimentary canal is the foundation of the entire metabolism. Harad or haritaki is one herb that stands out for its incredible ability to handle all kinds of digestive problems, whether it is indigestion, bloating, burping, farting, excessive hunger, or anorexia! The importance of Harad is underlined by the fact that Ayurveda strongly recommends the use of Harad is every season. This preventive regime is called ritu-haritaki, and it contains 6 different combinations of Harad for every season!